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so The Kissing Booth was published as a paperback exactly one year ago! (*cue confetti cannons and blow the kazoos*)

It started a long time before that - this whole thing started back in April 2011, three years ago, when I decided to post The Kissing Booth online to Wattpad, because what did I have to lose?

It all started out as a bit of fun, until it practically blew up online, and I was getting hundreds of comments a day sometimes. Thanks to you guys and all your support, The Kissing Booth won the 2011 Watty Award for Most Popular Teen Fiction, and by the time Random House got in touch with me in November 2012, it had accumulated over 19 million reads!

I still can’t believe that number.

Since then, the ebook and paperback have been published, my second book Rolling Dice has been published, and my third book, Out of Tune, is on the way in July.

Translation rights for The Kissing Booth have been sold in Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Hungarian and the film rights have been sold to Random House Children’s Screen Entertainment.

What I really want to say is thank you, everyone, for all your support. Thanks to those of you who were reading The Kissing Booth right at the start when it was a rough draft on Wattpad, and thanks to those of you who have picked up the book on the shelves of bookstores and downloaded it on your e-readers. Your support has been invaluable, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without you all!

Don’t forget that the ebook is available on iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and the paperback is available too worldwide!

ps. I know a lot of you are asking for a sequel… and my answer to that? Maybe! :p I’ll let you know if I do decide to do one sometime in the future, so sit tight! :) xo

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Pooh who?

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"Without Hyejung, I probably would have died. That’s what I think. So, she’s my life jacket. That’s what she is to me. When you propose, you honestly make that promise that you’ll never make her cry and that you’ll never hurt her. Then right from the moment we got married and she got pregnant, so many things have happened. And what did she do wrong to have to share that fate with me?"

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I was not expecting that!

I don’t think anyone was expecting that!

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I saw that eyebrow, sassboy.

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1. Is there a group you don’t like? - I guess I don’t like Crayon pop, they are a bit much.

2. Have you ever been to Korea? - Nope but I shall soon be saving for my trip after I graduate :)

3. Ever switched biases? - Just recently actually. My new ultimate bias is DO Kyungsoo <3

4. Did you ever cry over kpop? - I cried when Exo realised their miracle in December song, it was so beautiful.

5. Any great memories you made because of kpop? - Not sure on great but definitely memorable. When I first started liking Kpop I was obsessed with C.A.P and one day I saw my friends were watching a Kpop video and I asked “Which one is C.A.P?”  my friends just laughed at me but then they said none of them are. I felt so embarrassed but it’s funny now.

6. What two groups would you like to see a collaborate? - EXO and Teen Top, or Exo and Btob or Teen Top and Btob. any of them and I’ll be happy. Also Exo and Shinee, even though Key had some lines in Two moons.

7. Any favourite solo singers? - Ailee. Sung si kyung. Eric nam. my friend recently showed me Eddy Kim who is great.

8. Have you lost a lot of money because of kpop merch? - Quite a lot.

9. Is it hard to be a kpopper? name one example why. - Because I can’t support them easily from the UK.

10. Ultimate biased group? EXO

11. If you saw your favorite group,what would you do? Probably try to act all cool and most probably stutter like crazy.

I wont add any questions but thanks for tagging me.

the tales of jealous taeyeon and sarang

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naprick victory dance (〜^∇^)〜

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